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About Us

Welcome to our community dedicated to men's work. 

We aim to create an intersection where all the roads of men's work converge, where we can learn from one another, offer support, and build a strong brotherhood. Whether you're involved with EVRYMAN, the Mankind Project, MenLiving, Sacred Sons, Inside Circle, Brothers, the Good Men Project, or any other men's work organization—or no organization at all—you are welcome here. Too often, when we are involved with a single organization, we adopt a narrow viewpoint, get siloed, or stuck in a bubble.

We're not suggesting you leave behind your current group or tradition. We're asking you to share it. We don't consider ourselves a replacement for your current group, but rather an additional resource to supplement what you're already doing. We believe there is more than one way to do men's work, and we want men from all traditions to share.

In this forum, we aim to inspire men to connect, grow, and develop personally, while celebrating vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness. We are dedicated to fostering a community that thrives on empathy, mutual support, and genuine connection. This space serves as a haven where men can speak the unspoken, sharing their emotional journeys, fears, and hopes that might otherwise remain silent in their everyday lives. We aspire to build a large, friendly community for all men passionate about men's work. Here, you're encouraged to share ideas, resources, personal check-ins, emotions, and everything in between.

We hope you’ll join us!

Why You Should Join Us

This is the place where men can speak what is unspoken. Our goal is to provide a safe space where men can talk about what's going on for them emotionally in ways that they cannot in any other place in their worlds.